SUPS or Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you want to experience the glide of a fast SUP or the thrill of catching the perfect wave, but the thought of hauling a hard board on and off your roof racks is putting you off, get yourself a quality inflatable stand up paddle board.

Hula11 Inflatable SUP ae1010 Advanced Elements Long BoardAn inflatable SUP has a bit of give – it is a great choice for beginners who are worried about falling on to the board or colliding with others on the water – save yourself some bruises!

Change the way you travel

♥ inflatable SUPs are so lightweight and compact, you can take them with you anywhere

♥ on your boat, in your car, on an aeroplane, in your caravan

♥ being able to take a spontaneous paddle adds a whole different dimension to your travel experience.

When you are not paddling, your SUP is secure, not vulnerable on roof racks.

No matter what your paddle boarding intentions, there is an iSUP for you:

♥ The Fishbone EX is the speed boat of iSUPs – very fast and straight on the water!

♥ The Hula 11 is an all rounder paddle board – good for surfing, touring and even kayaking

♥ The Hula 8 is a short board for young paddlers

♥ The Lotus is the perfect board for a balanced yoga session and is pretty good for touring as well

All of the Advanced Elements inflatable paddle boards are extensively tested for both performance in the water (including surfing) and durability and come with a 1 year warranty so you know you are getting a great product.

So no matter what type of paddling experience excites you – Start your paddling adventure today!

We have an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for you!