Safer Paddling

Safer Paddling

For a first-time paddler, the safety of kayaking is always a concern and even though you might have been paddling for years, extra safety measures make your paddle even more enjoyable and worry-free. In a series of videos by ACA-certified paddling instructors, Paul and Kate Kuthe, you’ll get to learn the safe ways of paddling.

Safer Paddling - Life Jackets

Before heading into the waters with your kayak, the most important gear to make sure you’re paddling safe is the personal floatation device or PFD or even most commonly known as Life Jackets.

Safer Paddling - What to Wear

Safety and comfortability leads to a blissful and relaxing paddling experience. Dress to suppress the contrasting air and water temperatures.

Safer Paddling - Gear Essentials

Every travel needs a checklist and yes, most especially in paddling you need to list down all the gears that are essential to your safe kayak adventure.

Safer Paddling - Basic Strokes

Kayaking is easy if you’ve already been out paddling for a couple of times but when you’re a beginner, there are basic strokes that you need to learn first so that when you’re in the water, you won’t have to worry if you’re paddling right.

Safer Paddling - Plan Your Trip

Planning ahead is the key to a safer and much enjoyable paddling adventure.

Safer Paddling - Traffic Rules for Paddlers

Rules don’t only apply when you’re driving a car on a road, in the waters we also have the so-called boat traffic. Remember the rules, follow them and all paddlers & sailors-alike will get to have a safe water trip.

Safer Paddling - What If I Flip?

Paddling looks easy when you’re just watching from afar but when you put yourself in the shoes of the paddler, you might can’t help but to think of the worst things that could happen and one of them is flipping. Don’t worry too much and most especially don’t panic!

Safer Paddling - Calling for Help

When you’re out in the water, anything could happen. For safety measures and preparedness, think of the long-term. Who and how would you call for help?