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Ultra Raider Toddler PFD

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Want to take your little one kayaking with you? That’s wonderful! But you MUST have a suitable PFD for them.

The Ultra Raider Toddler PFD is not only safe, it is also designed for your toddler to be comfortable on their paddling adventure.

See below for what makes the Ultra Raider Toddler PFD ideal for really small children.

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Here is what makes the Ultra Raider Toddler PFD ideal for really small children:

  • Secure – This PFD is more like a body suit than a jacket. It has a wide neoprene bum flap with an adjustable strap so the PFD is secured under their bum. Each shoulder strap is fully adjustable and the waist strap is also adjustable. So basically, you can winch it down or loosen it up to fit just about any baby or toddler.
  • Safe – The Ultra Raider Toddler PFD has been designed with most of the buoyancy on their chest and on the oversized collar. This means that it doesn’t matter how the baby falls into the water, they will end up with their head out of the water and facing up.
  • Comfortable – We all know how much little kids LOVE to be dressed up in restrictive outfits, right??? Don’t worry, the Ultra Raider Toddler PFD has been designed with the comfort of your child in mind.

– The hinged panels allow the PFD to contour around your child’s body.
– The body suit design means they have full movement of their arms and legs.
– All the straps are protected by neoprene so there is no rubbing or chafing of their delicate skin.

  • Quality – With double-stitched and bound seams, durable 210D Nylon and a heavy duty zipper, this awesome Australian design has been built to withstand any toddler. And that’s a big call (I know… I’ve got one!).
  • Visible – Bright colours with reflective strips will help you to keep a visual on your baby if he/she goes overboard. Plus, it looks pretty cool.
  • Versatile – the Ultra Raider Child PFD is suitable for both kayaking, stand-up paddling and general boating.

Ultra Raider Toddler PFD Specifications

MODEL: Raider AS0007-TOD

COLOUR: Red and yellow with reflective strips

BRAND: Ultra