Touring 4 Part Carbon Fibre Kayak Paddle


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If you want the BEST, the Touring 4-Part Carbon Fibre Kayak Paddle is for you!

Extremely rigid and ultra lightweight, this paddle gives you amazing performance on the water, and is also compact and easily transported.

See below what makes this a premium Touring Paddle:

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Touring 4 Part Carbon Fibre Kayak Paddle

  • The carbon fibre shaft and blade are extremely lightweight at only 850g – great for travelling or backpacking and easy on the arms when paddling – excellent for long distance
  • The carbon fibre construction is extremely rigid – no bending or buckling
  • Durable – this paddle is pretty tough
  • Large blade size gives you power when you need it
  • Breaks down into 4 parts with a packable length of 70cm – compact enough to fit easily in suitcases, backpacks and even in your kayak bag
  • Excellent connectivity between parts – no wobbling or rattling while you stroke
  • Asymmetrical blade shape increases the efficiency of your stroke, saving you energy for long distance or recreational paddling
  • Dihedral blades guide the water down the blade so your paddle doesn’t twist or flutter in the water – nice and easy for beginners
  • 3 feathering options mean it is comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed paddlers
  • Quality is guaranteed with the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from Advanced Elements

So if you want a high performance and extremely lightweight kayak paddle that packs away into a bag, the Touring 4 Part Carbon Fibre Kayak Paddle gives you the best of both worlds.

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WEIGHT: 850g
BRAND: Advanced Elements
BLADE: Carbon Fibre / asymmetrical
LENGTH: 230 cm
SUITABLE FOR: Long distance touring

COLOUR: Charcoal
WARRANTY PERIOD: 12 months from purchase
SHAFT: Carbon Fibre
CONFIGURATION OPTIONS: Unfeathered, 60 Degrees LHC, 60 degrees RHC