Fishbone EX Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


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Designed to win the race, the Fishbone EX inflatable SUP is super fast on flat water!

The long, sleek shape and patented displacement hull cut through flat water like a hot knife through butter.

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Here is what makes the Fishbone EX inflatable SUP such a pleasure to paddle:

Glides Straight and Fast

  • Advanced Elements have designed an unbelievably long board at 3.8m – the Fishbone EX has been built for speed
  • Featuring a unique, patent-pending displacement hull design and sleek shape, the Fishbone EX inflatable stand up paddle board cuts through the water providing optimal speed and tracking performance
  • 1 central deep fin for great tracking on flat water

Forgiving and Practical

  • An inflatable SUP has a bit of give – it is a great choice for beginners who are worried about falling on to the board or colliding with others on the water – save yourself some bruises!
  • The large foam traction pad cushions your feet and gives you good grip when you need to maneouvre
  • The handle in the middle makes it easy to carry when inflated
  • Multiple D-rings and bungee deck lacing to attach or tie down gear for a big trip
  • D-ring at the end of the board to attach a leash

Quality Design & Manufacturing


  • Lightweight for a 3.8m stand up paddle board at only 15kg – easy handling to and from the water
  • Packs up into a bag for easy storage and transport – planes, caravans, boats, you can take this baby anywhere!
  • Having the board inside your vehicle or boat gives you some protection from theft when you are not out on the water – the board is not vulnerable on your roof racks
  • Designed for quick set up – simply unfold, clip on the fin and inflate – there is only 1 main chamber to inflate using the high pressure single action hand pump (included)

The Fishbone EX inflatable SUP is super fast on flat water. If you like to race and you like to win, this is the board for you!


  • High pressure 6” / 15cm thick drop-stitch material allows for ultra stiff performance
  • Raised board tip with patent-pending Displacements Hull Design increases performance
  • Large traction foam area for improved grip and comfort
  • Double layer outer skin for superior durability
  • Durable Single-action Hand Pump with Gauge for high-pressure inflation included
  • 5 stainless steel d-rings for geat tie down and leash attachment

Included Accessories:

  • High quality duffel bag
  • Single-action Pump with Gauge
  • 3 Removable Tracking Fins – 2 Standard Fins and 1 Deep Fin for enhanced tracking
  • Repair Kit

SUP Specifications


COLOUR: White / Orange

LENGTH: 12’6″ / 3.81m

WIDTH: 30″ / 76cm

WEIGHT: 33.5 lbs / 15kg

PERSON(S): 1 or 2

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 300 lbs (136 kg)

DEFLATED AND PACKED DIMENSIONS: 22” X 9” X 34” / 56cm x 23cm x 87cm

BRAND: Advanced Elements







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