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Evolution PFD

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Get a PFD that has been designed BY a kayaker, FOR kayaking!

PFDs don’t have to be awkward and bulky… Liquidlife have designed the Evolution to give recreational kayakers some buoyancy, without compromising on freedom of movement.

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Here is what makes the Evolution PFD a great choice for recreational paddlers:

  • Freedom of Movement – designed by a kayaker with kayaking in mind, you get full freedom of movement in your torso and no bulky-ness around your sides, arms or shoulders.
  • Perfect fit – The 4 front panels with the hinged seam allow the vest to contour to your body so you get a comfortable, snug fit, whether you are a man or a woman. The padded adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable side straps and adjustable waist strap allow you to keep tweaking until this PFD to fits you perfectly.
  • Easy to put on – once you have all the straps adjusted to suit you, it’s simply a matter of the front zipper and front waist clip to get it on and off. No Houdini-style moves required.
  • Comfortable – the shoulder straps are padded and the waist strap is encased in a cover, so there is no rubbing or blistering to contend with.
  • Cool – the mesh sides will let the breeze in if you are paddling up a sweat.
  • Durable – Will last you a lifetime. Seriously. Designed by Liquidlife Australia, the quality of material, buckles, zips and stitching is second to none – no expense has been spared.
  • Buoyant – This PFD meets the new Australian Standards for buoyancy.
  • Visible – In bright gold, you will be easily seen when you are out on the water.


  • XS  40-50kg
  • S     50-60kg
  • M    60-70kg
  • LXL 70-90kg
  • XXL 70-120kg (special order only, please Contact Us)

Australian Standards:

PFD Type 50S


Rinse in freshwater after use. Drip dry away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not tumble dry, do not iron.


Store away from direct heat, light, chemical fumes or moisture. Sunshine, chlorine and weathering may cause colours to fade and/or bleed onto other surfaces. Fabric fading can indicate loss of strength. If faded, check for strength or discontinue use.

PFDs and Safety:

A PFD will help you float in the water, but it cannot guarantee your safety and ultimate rescue. You should take into account the following points:

  • PFDs are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit people of different body mass and build. Ensure that your PFD is a good fit and does not rid up in the water.
  • The effectiveness of a PFD is considerable reduced in rough or breaking seas and surf. In the event of swamping or capsize remain with your craft as this will be more easily found by rescue services.
  • The effects of submersion in cold water for extended periods (hypothermia) can be fatal. Wear a wetsuit or a woolen jumper next to the skin to help insulate the body. Adopting a foetal position reduces the loss of heat through arms and legs.
  • Wear your PFD at all times.

Evolution PFD Specifications

SIZE: S (Small), M (Medium), XS (Extra Small), LXL (Large), XXL (Extra Large)


BRAND: LiquidLife

COLOUR: Red, Yellow