Dura-Floor for AdvancedFrame Kayaks



Taking your dog for a paddle?

Going fishing?

The Dura-Floor for AdvancedFrame is ideal for keeping the floor of your kayak in perfect condition. The durable, anti-slip material is designed to withstand fish hooks and doggy claws.

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How does the Dura-Floor for AdvancedFrame kayaks work?

The Dura-Floor is a rugged foam floor designed to be installed over the inflatable floor of the AdvancedFrame line of kayaks. It adds a layer of durability for extra protection from claws and hooks.

It is perfectly sized for the kayak, has tabs to lock it into place and is so lightweight, you won’t notice any difference when you are paddling.

Here is a picture of the black dura-floor sitting in the AdvancedFrame Convertible kayak.

Dura-Floor for Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks

How do I install the Dura-Floor into my kayak?

You lay it over the top of the inflatable floor BEFORE inflating.

Thread the inflation tube through the hole in the Dura-floor.

Tuck the Dura-floor tabs under the inner tube.

Then, inflate the kayak as per the instruction manual.

What does the Dura-Floor for AdvancedFrame feel like?

The surface of the dura-floor is anti-slip, so it feels a bit rough to touch. But in terms of comfort, you are still sitting on the nice, soft inflatable floor – feels like a marshmallow under your tushie.

How compact is the Dura-Floor for travel and storage?

The lightweight dura-floor conveniently rolls up for compact storage when not in use (strap included).

Rolled up sizes:

  • Dura-floor for AdvancedFrame (and Sport) 70cm wide x 15cm diameter, weighs 800 grams
  • Dura-floor for AdvancedFrame Expedition 74cm wide x 18cm diameter , weighs 1.6kg
  • Dura-floor for AdvancedFrame Convertible 79cm wide x 20cm diameter, weighs 2.3kg


Dura-Floor for AdvancedFrame Kayaks

How durable is the Dura-Floor?

Given that the entire purpose of the dura-floor for AdvancedFrame is to BE durable, it’s safe to say that it is VERY durable.

The rugged, high-density foam is designed to handle fishing hooks and big doggy claws.

Here is Holly and her dog in the AdvancedFrame Sport, thanks to the Dura-floor.

Is the Dura-Floor compatible with the Backbone or the Drop-Stitch Floor?

Yes and no…

The Dura-floor works well with the Backbone because the Backbone goes under the floor and then the Dura-floor sits on top of the floor.

If you have a drop-stitch floor, it’s not so much that you can’t use the dura-floor, it’s that you don’t need to use the dura-floor. The drop-stitch floor is extremely durable and is in no danger from hooks and claws.

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