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If you want a kayak that is BOTH amazing to paddle AND lightweight and easy to handle, the AdvancedFrame Sport kayak has it all!

This popular kayak goes straight and fast like the regular AdvancedFrame, but is lighter for handling to and from the water, and has a wider cockpit for easy entry and exit.

It is comfortable and fast enough for long paddles, but also very quick to set up if you just want a little exercise.

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Kelly P.
Quick and easy set up

Given lockdown, I've only been out once but that once was so relaxing and peaceful. The kayak was very stable and I thought I'd need to buy the lumbar seat but my back feels supported. The set up and pack up is so easy and I love the room in the bag to fit the paddle and pump too. My chronic health issues meant that lifting a kayak onto the roof of a car etc was a barrier and now I have the a ability to get out on the water and soak up nature from a different perspective.

Kate W.
Why didn’t I do this years ago!

I absolutely love my AdvancedFrame Sport kayak from Emily. From the first email enquiry to delivery a few weeks later, Emily was thoughtful, professional and especially patient with all my questions! The bespoke video recommendations are fantastic - straight to the point, informative and entertaining! The options Emily offered were appropriate for me - and helped me make an informed decision. I absolutely love my kayak I have taken it out on the river nearby quite a few morning before sunrise (even in winter!). It is super quick to inflate and light enough for me to pick up and carry to the water with one hand. It is very comfortable (like sitting on a marshmallow according to Emily!) even after three hours paddling - and I am very grateful for the back rest. I have taken my kayak up creeks, down rivers, and recently paddled across Jervis Bay where I was joined by a huge pod of leaping dolphins! Magic! The only delay I have had in getting into the water has been the result of talking to interested onlookers (and hard shell kayakers) who have been fascinated by how light and manoeuverable the boat is! I would definitely recommend Emily and Oz Inflatable Kayaks and can honestly say you will not regret buying an AdvancedFrame Sports kayak!

John W.
All good.

My kayak arrived promptly and in less than ten minutes from unpacking was ready to go, wasn't at all sure about which kayak to purchase as I wanted to take another old codger along for the ride as well (my husky dog Bosun). Emily suggested the sport, excellent choice, we both fit in comfortably with our kit /lunch ,very stable and fast kayak for beginners and the more experienced. Thanks Emily we both love this kayak.

Neil R.
Fantastic Service - Fantastic Product

I’m getting on in age but still want to keep active. I’ve hard hard shell kayaks in the past, but not for a lot of years. The lightweight inflatable was incredibly quick and easy to both inflate - than 10 minutes from in the bag to paddling - and pack away. Fits on the backseat of my car, so no roof racks required and easily carried to the water’s edge either inflated or in its bag. It is super comfortable. I was very surprised just how stable it is and how well it tracks. Am I happy with it?…… super happy.... I should have bought one years ago!

Terril C.
Advanced frame sports kayak - lots of fun

I’m having a great time with my kayak on the rivers in Perth. It’s very stable and my young granddaughter took her small dog for a paddle in it easily. I am taken with how transportable it is - I’ll be taking it with me on the plane next time I travel. A few early hiccups (operator error) which Emily quickly sorted for me. Loved going out on the Canning River with friends and paddling up to the coffee shop. Definitely having the most delightful time - thank you Emily for helping me choose this kayak which is perfect for me

*** AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is currently out of stock but will soon be restocked |

ETA: 9th November 2020 ***

Here's Why I Paddle the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak:

For me, it’s the perfect combination of quick and easy set up AND a delightful paddling experience.

What makes it so good?

  • Super quick set up
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Delightful to paddle
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Durable

Who is the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak For?

I sell this particular inflatable kayak a LOT to people who don’t want to lift a heavy kayak, but don’t want to compromise on durability and paddling performance.

It’s ideal for women, seniors and children, but the 113kg capacity means I can still sell it to big blokes who want a super-quick set up and like the look of the easy-access wide open cockpit!

Kayaking on Biggera Creek in the AdvancedFrame Sport - Inflatable Kayak Adventures

Love a Quick Set Up?

Me too.

The AdvancedFrame Sport kayak goes from in the bag to on the water in 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Hi Emily, The Sport arrived a few days ago and is great, I have tested it out and it is light enough for me to handle and only takes a few minutes to inflate and be on the water.


Lightweight for Easy Handling

AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak Bag AE1007

Packs up into a bag about the size of a small suitcase and weighs only 11.5kg…

Easy to travel with, easy to store and (most importantly), easy to carry down to the water.

Wide Open Cockpit

The wide open cockpit allows you to take a dog or a small child with you.

Plus, it’s easier to get in and out of for those of us who are not super flexible…

Managed to get my girl Blue to settle on the kayak and she eventually learnt to stay still and loved it 🙂


Advancedframe Sport inflatable kayak AE1017 Dog in Cockpit

Delightful to Paddle

Advanced Elements Rib AdvancedFrame Design
  • Glide straight and cuts through chop with the patented AdvancedFrame design – no waggling when you paddle.
  • Built in fin to help you paddle straight.
  • Low centre of gravity and a flat hull make the AdvancedFrame Sport kayak very stable.  Save your strength and relax!
Angela in the AdvancedFrame Sport inflatable kayak from Advanced Elements
Hi Emily, I have been kayaking every day in this brilliant kayak.

My arms are sore but I feel like I am glowing.

I can’t believe how peaceful and restful it feels just sitting on the lake watching the fog lift off the water, the birds mucking  about and the fish frolicking.

The kayak is very comfortable and moves ever so easily and quickly when I want it to.


Comfortable and Supportive

There’s nothing worse than a hard seat giving you a numb bum and an aching lower back from lack of support.

Whether you are jumping in the AdvancedFrame Sport kayak for half an hour, or paddling for the whole day, you want to be comfortable and supported. Fortunately, Advanced Elements have done a wonderful job of making the AdvancedFrame Sport kayak a delight to sit in!

  • Your back is supported by the clip-in seat so you are comfortable all day
  • Your bum is cushioned by the low pressure inflatable floor reducing the risk of numbness
  • Optional foot brace to assist paddling technique
AdvancedFrame Sport on the Broadwater

This is me at 6 months pregnant, having a paddle with my 70+ year-old parents – talk about a comfortable and supportive seat!

Durable and Reliable

Let’s be clear – the AdvancedFrame Sport kayak is a lightweight inflatable kayak, but it is NOT a pool toy!

Advanced Elements have crafted a puncture-resistant inflatable that won’t let you down.

I have been paddling the AdvancedFrame range of inflatable kayaks for over a decade now, and I have never had to do a repair.

AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak Comparison

The AdvancedFrame, the AdvancedFrame Sport and the AdvancedFrame Ultralite inflatable kayaks are all the same length width and look like the same design… so why did Advanced Elements create three of them??


  • Advanced Elements spring valves
  • Open cockpit design for ease of entry
  • Durable double coated fabric
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Moulded rubber handles
  • Reinforced bow and stern seam
  • Hard edge bow/stern
  • Welded seams
  • Neoprene paddle guard
  • Adjustable back support
  • D-ring tie down
  • Skeg tracking fin
  • Rip stop fabric

Included Accessories:

  • Carrying Duffel Bag
  • Folding Seat
  • Repair Kit
  • Owner’s Manual

What type of conditions is the AdvancedFrame kayak suitable for?

The AdvancedFrame is designed to be a day touring type boat, for flat or open water. The bow and stern have a rigid semi-frame that gives it a hard edge. This greatly improves the tracking over traditional inflatables. The AdvancedFrame is fine for class 1 and 2 rivers, and durable enough for class 3, however it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 3. When choosing a kayak for class 3 whitewater or greater, you really want a boat with a very rounded hull that will not grip on to the current, especially in eddys, like our Attack Whitewater Kayak. Unfortunately kayaks with very rounded hulls will not paddle very straight on flat water.

Kayak Specifications

Weight: 26lbs (11.8kg)

Length: 10’5″ (3.18m)

Colour: Orange / Blue

Brand: Advanced Elements

Lake, Bays, Inland Waterways: Yes

Coastal / Open Water: No

Self-bailing: No

Width: 32” (81cm)

Maximum Capacity: 250lbs (113kg)

Deflated and Packed Dimensions: 76cm x 43cm x 20cm

Warranty Period: 12 Months

River (Class): II

Compatible with Rudder Kit: Yes

Set-up Time: 4 minutes

Not Sure if This is the Right Kayak for You?

Get a personalised kayak recommendation and I will specify EXACTLY which kayak(s) will meet your needs!


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