AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak


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If you love adventure or have long legs, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is for you.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak has been specially designed for speed over long trips on flat or coastal water, including multi-day expeditions.

When you are miles from civilisation on your latest exploration, the Expedition Elite won’t let you down!

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Matt H.
Exactly what I was looking for

This is a great kayak, delivering everything it promises. You quickly notice it’s build quality and materials are a high standard. Very easy to set up and performs really well on the water, easily comparable to a hard shell kayak. Would definitely recommend the Expedition Elite and Oz Inflatable Kayaks to anyone considering this type of kayak. Emily was a great help when I was trying to decide on the right model and delivery etc was all faultless.

Richard M.
AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak

An excellent buying experience, great advice given, prompt delivery, no surprises. A great product, performs well. I have been paddling now 5 times for 2-3 hours each time and the Kayak is great. An excellent result from a kayak that I can put in a backpack. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Michael.

Max S.
Advancedframe Expedition Elite Kayak

The Advancedframe Expedition Elite Kayak is extremely well thought out and put together. Every aspect seems to have been catered for. My first experience on the water in the Expedition Elite was very memoriable and 6 hours of paddling seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. I have found that the Expedition Elite simple to set up and can be done in under 10 minutes quite comfortably. On the water the kayak is very stable and tracks well, but in a strong current and or wind can be a little cumbersone. I feel the addition of the rudder kit would aid in rectifying this problem. When the conditions are calm it is a breeze to paddle and I have no difficulty in keeping up with friends on hard shelled kayaks. Being an inflatable kayak it folds down to a suitcase size (83cm x 52cm x 26cm) so is very easy to store when not in use and can be carried in the back of a car without the worry of roof racks. If storage and transport is a problem for you I would highly recommend the Advanceframe Expedition Elite Kayak and would highly recommend purchasing from oz inflatable kayaks as Emily was wonderful to deal with and was very knowledgeable and answered every question I threw at her and the service was second to none.

Michelle-Renee J.
Love my Expedition!

I purchased my Advanced Elements Expedition a few months ago and have been absolutely loving it! As someone who lives in a townhouse and drives a 3 door i20, an inflatable kayak has been a game changer. It's so easy to store and transport. It's a little heavy when it's deflated (maybe it's just awkward) , but once it's pumped up it's somehow much easier to carry - so I just pump it up next to my car and carry it inflated down to the water, 100-200m no worries. The Expedition is super stable on the water and I can go a pretty good speed (averaging 6km/h). I had a recent outing where unfortunately I didn't think the check the weather and on my way back it got very choppy. It was hard work paddling against the wind and waves (although I imagine that would be true of most kayaks), and I was more than a little nervous as I'm only new to kayaking, but the Expedition handled well and got me home safely. I can highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants a high performing kayak but doesn't have the option to store and transport a traditional kayak. Also, I can't thank Emily enough for all the help and advice she provided to ensure I bought the right kayak and accessories for my needs - Thanks Emily!

Zain G.
Bought 2 - Expedition & Standard Advanced Frame

We purchased 2 Kayaks from Emily, an Expedition Elite, and Advanced Frame. I am 6ft5 so I needed the extra legroom offered by the Expedition Elite, however my partner fits perfectly into the standard Advanced Frame model. I am very glad I went for the Expedition Elite, I can fit into the Advanced Frame version but it is pretty cramped, especially around the feet I found that it would roll my feet inwards and this would put pressure on my ankles. I do not have any trouble with this in the Expedition Elite. If you are a tall person I would definitely recommend the Expedition Elite. We have been out in the Kayaks 4 times now, once on an inland river and the rest of the time out in the estuaries around Brisbane. Both kayaks have been fantastic, they cut through the water really well and they track very straight even when paddling hard. It is important to ensure all the inner air chambers are lined up before you inflate the kayak. I had removed the inner chambers to clean them after doing a few trips, and when I refitted them I didnt line it up correctly so the next time I inflated the kayak the front was a bit off centre. It is very easy to fix this as the inner air chambers simply velcro to the inside, so I just had to deflate and then realign the velcro patches. Inflation and deflation is a breeze, I was expecting to have to pump the air out manually (especially the last bits or air) when deflating but you really dont need too. Just open up all the valves and the thing deflates itself like some sort of magic. And yes! They do easily fit back into the bags, you just need to practise the fold a couple of times, the key is to have as few folds as possible to allow for the correct length. The convenience of just throwing two kayaks in the boot of the car and heading to the water is amazing. Dont waste any more time thinking about it and just get one and get out there, you will not be disappointed.

*** AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak is currently out of stock but will soon be restocked |

ETA: November 2020 ***

Who is the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak for?

  • Kayak campers / expeditioners who want to load up with gear
  • Tall people (6’2″ or above) who need some leg room
  • Casual paddlers who want speed AND comfort
  • Suitable for beginners
AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak Review

I have had the kayak out on beautiful Port Stephens waters a couple of times now and it is everything I hoped it would be.

Being a novice I find the craft to be very stable allowing me to concentrate on the correct paddling style.

The kayak fits my 6 foot 3 inch frame perfectly and its ease of setup and take down makes this a winner for my


 – Stuart

Love to go Fast?

At nearly 4m long, the Expedition Elite kayak is FAST.

The drop-stitch floor helps you glide smoothly through the water.

The patented AdvancedFrame design means no waggling when you paddle.

The built-in fin helps you paddle straight.

Drop Stitch Floor for AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks from Advanced Elements
AdvancedFrame Comparison Aluminium Rib
AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review

Huge Capacity for Kayak Expeditions

A whopping 204kg capacity means you can load this kayak up with gear for even the most extreme kayak expedition.

There are D-rings and bungee lacing on the large front deck for securing gear.

There is a roll-top hatch behind the seat for quick access to gear stored under the deck.

There are d-rings on the rear deck for even more gear!

Comfortable for Long Paddling Trips (and Long Legs)

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Comfort Leg Room
  • Your back is supported by the inflatable lumbar so you are comfortable all day
  • Adjustable foot brace for comfort and to assist paddling technique
  • Plenty of leg room for tall people
  • The Advancedframe Expedition Elite kayak has a low centre of gravity and a flat hull. This gives you effortless stability so you can save your strength on those long trips.
  • Stay dry in open ocean with the inflatable coaming and optional spray skirt

Durable and Reliable

Don’t take my word for it!

This review from Geoff Wilson of 5th Element Expeditions shows just how tough the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is, even in the most rugged of terrain.

Advanced Elements MultiLayer Construction

Multi-layer material design for protection of the inner tubes – there is very little risk of puncture.

Advanced Elements PVC Tarpaulin

Durable triple layer PVC tarpaulin hull also means you don’t have to worry about damage on rocks.

Advanced Elements Multi Chamber Construction

The dual main air chambers are great for safety, because if one chamber of the inner tube fails, the other will still function.

Portable and Convenient

Packs up into a bag (with backpack straps) about the size of a suitcase for easy storage and transport – planes, trains and automobiles, the world is your oyster!

Advancedframe Expedition vs Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak Bag
Advanced Elements Duffel Bag

Kayaking in Alaska

Set-up Instructions for the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak Set up
  • Comes pre-assembled – no need to set up, just inflate and go
  • The Advanced Elements spring valves allow large amounts of air to flow one way – quick and easy inflation and deflation

What type of conditions is the AdvancedFrame kayak suitable for?

The AdvancedFrame is designed to be a day touring type boat, for flat or open water. The bow and stern have a rigid semi-frame that gives it a hard edge. This greatly improves the tracking over traditional inflatables. The AdvancedFrame is fine for class 1 and 2 rivers, and durable enough for class 3, however it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 3. When choosing a kayak for class 3 whitewater or greater, you really want a boat with a very rounded hull that will not grip on to the current, especially in eddys, like our Attack Whitewater Kayak. Unfortunately kayaks with very rounded hulls will not paddle very straight on flat water.


  • Advanced Elements Spring Valves
  • Drop-stitch floor construction
  • Adjustable seat with inflatable lumbar support
  • Rudder Mount for adding the AdvancedTrak Kayak Rudder Kit AE4005
  • Inflatable coaming for attaching a spray skirt
  • Moulded rubber handles
  • Hard edge bow and stern
  • Welded seams
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Neoprene knuckle guard
  • Massive storage compartment
  • Reinforced bow and stern
  • Skeg/tracking fin
  • D-ring tie downs
  • Adjustable Foot brace


  • High pressure drop-stitch floor
  • Inflatable lumbar support seat
  • Adjustable foot brace
  • Heavy duty carrying bag
  • Repair kit
  • Instruction manual

Kayak Specifications

Lenght: 13′ (3.96m)

Weight: 42 lbs (19.1 kg)

Colour: Blue with orange stripes

Brand: Advanced Elements

Lakes, Bays, Inland Waterways: Yes

Coastal/Open Water: Yes

Self-bailing: No

Width: 32″ (81cm)

Maximum Capacity: 450 lbs (204 kg)

Deflated and Packed Dimensions: 32″ x 20″ x 10″ (83cm x 52cm x 26cm)

Warranty Period: 12 Months

River Class: II

Compatible with Rudder Kit: Yes

Set-up Time: 8 minutes

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