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Backbone for Advancedframe Convertible


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Get even better speed and tracking from your inflatable kayak with the Backbone for AdvancedFrame Convertible

The BackBone is a lightweight frame that is quick and easy to install under your kayak’s inflatable floor.

It creates a keel in the hull of the kayak that improves the speed and tracking of the kayak.

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How does the Backbone for AdvancedFrame Convertible work?

The backbone creates a keel along the hull of your inflatable kayak.

Backbone for AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks from Advanced Elements

The V-shaped kayak hull helps the kayak glide straighter and faster through the water.

How do I install the Backbone into my kayak?

Backbone for AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks from Advanced Elements

The Backbone sits under the inflatable floor of your AdvancedFrame Convertible kayak.

Backbone for Advancedframe Convertible inflatable kayak from Advanced ElementsIt has specially shaped ends that slot under the inner tubes so it stays fixed in place.

You insert the ends first (before inflating), then connect the pieces together, then inflate the main chambers of the kayak.

Then, you put the inflatable floor on top of the Backbone and inflate it.


What does the Backbone feel like?

You shouldn’t feel it at all!

The Backbone sits under the inflatable floor of the kayak, so you have a cushion between your bum and the Backbone.

If you can feel it, try inflating your main chambers to slightly higher pressure and switch positions with the other paddler so the heavier person is in the front.

How compact is the Backbone for storage and transport?

The Backbone for AdvancedFrame Convertible breaks down into sections, the longest of which is only 90cm, so it’s easy to store with your kayak.

You even get a mesh bag with a draw string so you can keep all the sections together.

How durable is the Backbone?

The Backbone for AdvancedFrame Convertible is extremely durable and lightweight. It is made of high strength anodized aluminum alloy and impact resistant plastic.

Quality is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from Advanced Elements

How does the Backbone compare to the Drop-Stitch Floor?

Excellent question! This awesome article from Advanced Elements explains the differences.

Click here for a review of the Backbone vs Drop-Stitch Floor

Backbone for AdvancedFrame Convertible Specifications:





Compatible With

AE1007-R – AdvancedFrame Convertible


7 lbs (3 kg)

Deflated and Packed Dimensions

90cm x 18cm x 11cm


Advanced Elements

Warranty Period

12 months from purchase

12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

Advanced Elements are pretty serious about quality.

They offer a 12 month warranty on all their products, and I can tell you with confidence that they are great about it. Although I don’t get many warranty claims, I have never had any issues getting help, parts or replacements from Advanced Elements.

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