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Durable & Reliable

Oz Inflatable Kayaks - Durable and Reliable

Imagine you’re on a multi-day kayak expedition in the middle of nowhere. You really can’t afford for something to go wrong. To some people, it might seem crazy to take an inflatable kayak on a big trip like that.  And yet, I have had several customers take on some amazing adventures in their inflatable kayaks…


Stable & Easy to Paddle

Oz Inflatable Kayaks - Stable and Easy to Paddle

This is the second biggest concern people have, after durability – are inflatable kayaks any good when it comes to actually paddling them?

Most people that call me have not had a huge amount of kayaking experience. So it is not okay to sell them a kayak that goes in circles and tips them out…


Relaxation Without the Hassle

Oz Inflatable Kayaks - Relaxation Without the Hassle

Kayaking is absolutely delightful. It connects you with nature and allows you to relax.

But installing roof racks is expensive and a hassle.

You’re wondering if inflatable kayaks are any good – when it comes to reducing hassle, they are awesome…


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Which Kayak or SUP is Right for You?

Advanced Elements have made a HUGE range of kayak and SUPs… it can be a bit overwhelming!

Don’t worry, at Oz Inflatable Kayaks, we specialise in giving you a personalised recommendation.

That’s why we have so many happy customers 😉

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  • AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak AE1007-R Advanced Elements

    Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak

  • AdvancedFrame Ultralite Inflatable Kayak AE3022-G Advanced Elements

    Advancedframe Ultralite Inflatable Kayak

  • AirFusion Elite Inflatable Kayak AE1041-Y Advanced Elements

    AirFusion Elite Inflatable Kayak

  • AirFusion EVO Inflatable Kayak Advanced Elements AE1042-O

    AirFusion EVO Inflatable Kayak

  • AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Advanced Elements AE1012-R

    Advancedframe Inflatable Kayak

  • Inflatable Kayak AdvancedFrame Expedition AE1009

    Advancedframe Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak


Shop Best-Selling SUPs

  • Fishbone EX Inflatable SUP AE1064 Advanced Elements

    Fishbone EX Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Hula 11 Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard AE1010

    Hula 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Hula 8 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


Advanced Elements - The Best Inflatables on the Market!

Advanced Elements Inflatables

“What other brands do you stock?”

This is a very common question I get and people are always curious about my decision to stick with just one brand. I only stock Advanced Elements.

Why do I only stock Advanced Elements inflatables?

Basically, I don’t want to deal with returns.

That’s the truth.

With the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks and inflatable SUPs, I might sell less than the cheap brands, but I can sleep well at night.

I know, in my heart of hearts, that I am selling the best inflatables on the market.

So What Makes Advanced Elements the Best?

They love paddling. Seriously, Advanced Elements is made up of a bunch of guys in the USA who love paddling and designing watercraft.

Sounds obvious that they would love paddling, but the cheap inflatable kayaks and SUPs are designed in factories by people who have no interest or understanding of paddling.

This means that Advanced Elements TEST and REFINE their prototypes.

Advanced Elements isn’t some giant corporation interested in cashing in on a fad. They’ve been around for a long time and take pride in creating quality inflatables.

They stand behind their 12 month manufacturer’s warranty with integrity and compassion.

They know that there are multiple elements to creating a great inflatable watercraft:

  • Durability
  • Performance on the water
  • Comfort
  • Speed of set up and pack away
  • Weight and portability
  • Versatility

And they strive for excellence in ALL those areas.

The Advanced Elements team out for a paddle – Ryan, Ritchie, Jeremy and Clay.

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