Lightweight Kayaks For Women

With lightweight kayaks for women now on the market, I can go paddling anytime, anywhere and without relying on someone else.

Inflatable Kayak Reviews Angela

As a woman, I had ruled out kayaking because I couldn’t handle a heavy hard-shell kayak on and off roof racks. I didn’t know lightweight kayaks for women existed!

It’s sad to think that I nearly missed out on such a wonderful way to relax, enjoy nature, get some exercise and make friends.

The truth is that there are many women out there who now enjoy paddling without having to rely on others for help with the kayak.

The key is getting the right kayak.

So what is the right kayak for a woman?


It has to be lightweight so that you can lift and carry the kayak from your home to your vehicle, and then from your vehicle to the water. You want to get some exercise, but you don’t want to pull something! That’s the beauty of lightweight kayaks for women – they are so easy to lift!

AdvancedFrame Ultralite Kayak Lightweight


Portability of inflatable vs hard-shell kayaks

It has to be compact so you can fit it inside your car.  Lifting a kayak onto roof racks is a huge hassle that most women don’t want to deal with.


It has to be stable so you feel safe if you are kayaking on your own.  This gives you the freedom to go paddling anytime and anywhere.

AdvancedFrame Sport on the Broadwater


AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak from Advanced Elements inflatable AE1017-O

It has to be stable so you feel safe if you are kayaking on your own.  This gives you the freedom to go paddling anytime and anywhere.


It has to be easy on the back and gentle on the bum. You want to be able to continue to enjoy paddling well into your senior years (or start enjoying paddling if you are already there …). Sometimes, lightweight kayaks for women are lightweight because they have compromised on comfort. That is not going to work!

Kayaking on Biggera Creek in the AdvancedFrame Sport - Inflatable Kayak Adventures

Easy to Paddle

AirFusion EVO Kayak AE1042-O from Advanced Elements

It has to be easy to paddle and fast so you can keep up with the group. Kayaking groups are a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Easy to Set-up

It has to be quick and easy to set up – no complicated instructions or fiddling around with parts.

Kayaking at Broadbeach Waters

I love kayaking at Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast – it’s such a variety of sights in such a small area! I launched at the boat ramp that is just across the river from the Exhibition Centre. It has free parking for up to 3 hours (I think), and an easy boat ramp next […]

Kayaking at Lake Kurwongbah

“The AdvancedFrame Ultralite Kayak is easy to set up. It’s really really stable and tracks well. Great streamlined design and very bright and easily seen by other water craft including powered.”

Wonderful Service, Wonderful Product

“I have taken the AdvancedFrame Kayak out several times in flat and rough conditions. It handles well with direction and speed. It is comfortable with the inflatable mat and seat although it took me a bit to adjust the seat to fit.”

Loving My Kayak

“Absolutely loving my AdvancedFrame Kayak. Takes approximately 10mins from getting it out of the car to being on the water.”

Kayaking at Queens Beach North, Scarborough

“It is incredibly stable & I do feel very safe in it which was one thing I did have some reservations with originally. Not any more though!!”

Kayaking at Clontarf Beach

“Emily was a great help when choosing a kayak. The individualised video she created for me really assisted in the selection process.”

Quick To Inflate and Great Fun

“Overall experience – terrific! Easy to inflate and took <10 minutes on our second attempt, a bit longer on the first as we were reading the instruction manual."

Kayaking on Clarence River

“Love how quick the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is to set up. I am truly loving the experience, especially as nobody else is around to disturb the wildlife!”

Kayaking at Coila Lake

“Buying my fabulous AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak has given me freedom and independence. No more stressing about moving, loading, carrying or waiting for someone to help me.”

Kayaking on the Rocklands Reservoir

“I am very impressed with the performance of the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak.I come from a Sea Kayak and wanted something that would track well and not be blown about by the wind.”

Kayaking at Cattai Creek

“I purchased the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak as I missed kayaking with my daughter when she took her hard plastic sit-ins north to live. It’s the most comfortable kayak I’ve ever sat in and easy to paddle. I use it mainly in Cattai Creek and into the Hawkesbury River.”

We Love Our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaks

“We purchased our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaks 6 weeks ago and have been out in them 5 times. Both kayaks fit in the back of our car, are easy to lift & carry (even easier when inflated) & are not a problem to store.”

Kayaking at Lake Buffalo

“I am absolutely thrilled with my  AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak and the outstanding advice and support I received from Emily when making the decision about which model kayak would suit me and my needs best. I love using the kayak and the best thing is that I can take it anywhere.”

Kayaking at Ewen Maddock Dam

“I appreciated being able to have my final questions/concerns answered before purchasing my kayak. Emily knows her product well, is friendly and easily accessible by phone. Payment and delivery were fast. Great service!”

Kayaking at Hindmarsh Island

“We put our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak in at Hindmarsh Island. I haven’t done mine yet (tentative about back) but I did have a little go in Tony’s & it was fab. So comfy! It’s like sitting on a great soft lounge chair. It’s supportive of my back, very easy to paddle and getting along easily in water. Very impressed, & happy!”

AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak

“As a complete beginner I had absolutely no idea of where to start when I filled in the online questionnaire. Today at lunchtime my AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak arrived and by the afternoon I was out on the water. I can’t believe it and I am so thrilled. I love the kayak and am so excited […]

Great Fun With The AdvancedFrame Kayaks!

“I recently bought two of the AdvancedFrame Kayaks and my wife and I have been out on them almost every weekend! These kayaks exceeded my expectations and we have had a terrific time in both enclosed waters and in the ocean. They have taken us to waterways in Sydney that I would never have thought […]

Love Our New Kayaks

“Bought ourselves two Advanced Frame Sport Inflatable Kayaks for Xmas and are so pleased we did. We live on Bribie Island and the kayaks are perfect for exploring Pumicestone Passage – and pulling in for a coffee stop along the way (see photo). The kayaks track really well and at 11.5 kgs are light enough for […]

Everything that you said about the Advancedframe Sport Inflatable Kayak is true

“Emily, Everything that you said about the Advancedframe Sport Inflatable Kayak is true. As a 65 year old grandma I can fit the deflated kayak into the back of my X-trail quickly, get to my location and easily carry it 20 metres to the shoreline. Minutes later I am away and paddling on Brisbane Waters, […]

AirFusion Elite Inflatable Kayak

I had a couple of problems with my kayak initially, but thanks to Emily these have been resolved and I can go out and enjoy my Airfusion Elite Kayak – it is wonderful! It is taking me less time to inflate the kayak and get it on the water every time I go for a […]

I am very impressed with the overall quality of the Speed Demon package

“Hi Emily. I have found my speed demon package very good. The kayak tracks beautifully. I am very pleased with it. It is a comfortable seat to sit and paddle. I chose an inflatable package as I am travelling in a motorhome and it suited those needs. It is compact to store  under the bed compartment. I […]

Thank You!

Hi Emily, well I am now a fit person!  We did 4 hours of sightseeing paddling over giant stingrays, loads of fish and a dolphin shot past us recently on the Wagonga Inlet at Narooma.  Then we paddled to lunch at the gorgeous Quarterdeck restaurant where the owner remarked that we were ‘living the dream’ […]

Very comfortable and quick to get in the water

After our second trip out John again said how comfortable it was. He has back trouble and our previous kayaks were not comfortable for him. We are both pleased with the time it takes to get into the water – overall much less time and less bother than putting the 2 plastic kayaks on the […]

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Ahoy me Matey!

“Hello Emily, Finally managed to find some pictures for you of my partner and my kayaks on some of our adventures. We circumnavigated the Indonesian island of Gam (just west of Papua) in January, which was extraordinary. Gliding over fantastic unspoilt corals just under the surface, using the tides to whisk us up channels to […]

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Hi Emily, Have taken my kayak out 3 times in the last 2 weekends now… it’s quite addictive… I could stay out ALL day if the weather permitted. It has been quite overcast and a little windy this weekend and today we got a little rained on at the nearby lake but it was still […]

I feel like I am glowing

“Hi Emily, I have been kayaking every day in this brilliant kayak. My arms are sore but I feel like I am glowing. I can’t believe how peaceful and restful it feels just sitting on the lake watching the fog lift off the water, the birds mucking about and the fish frolicking. The kayak is […]


Lightweight Kayaks for Women