Dog Friendly Kayaks

 Dog Friendly Kayaks are specifically designed so that you can go kayaking with your best friend!

Dog Friendly Kayaks

You take your dog hiking, you take your dog to the beach, you take your dog to bed with you, so why not take your dog kayaking?

You might be worried that it isn’t safe or that your dog won’t be comfortable. But dog friendly kayaks allow you and your four-legged friend to enjoy getting out on the water exploring new sights and scents.

So what features do dog friendly kayaks have in common?


Stability is important if you don’t want your dog to be wobbling all over the place trying to balance. It also gives you peace of mind as they are less likely to go overboard.

Dog Friendly Kayaks - Advanced Elements

Semi-Open Cockpit with Walls

Dog Friendly Kayaks - Advanced Elements

Reasonably high sides are a good way to contain your dog. They will help keep them safe from falling out. Some sit-on-top kayaks have high enough sides, but you are going to get wet… a sit-in kayak with an open cockpit is your best bet.


AE1007-E AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Top View

Size is important. A large dog takes up quite a bit of space, especially if they are stretched out. It’s also nice for them to be able to switch sides and change position during the paddle so they don’t get stiff.  Unless you have one very small dog, get a tandem kayak. This will give you enough space for a longer ride. As an added bonus, you can take a human friend as well!


A durable kayak manufactured with scratch-proof materials is a must if your dog has claws.

All products are covered by the Advanced Elements 12 month’s warranty.

Dog Friendly Kayaks - Advanced Elements

Easy to Paddle (Especially Solo)

Dog Friendly Kayaks - Advanced Elements

It has to be fast and easy to paddle solo. I have never seen a dog that helps with the paddling!


Solo Kayaks to Take Small Dogs
Tandem Kayaks to Take Small Dogs
Solo Kayaks to Take Big Dogs
Tandem Kayaks to Take Big Dogs

Kayaking on the Murray River at Moama

“I love the AdvancedFrame Kayak! Easy to transport, pump up and carry to the water and to get in. Thank you for the excellent customer service.”

Great Kayak

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is easy to inflate and versatile for me to go it alone with two dogs or go out on the water with someone else.”

Kayaking at Port Hacking

“I really like the firm drop stitch floor which is great for our doggo’s claws. The kayak feels very sturdy and stable. Highly recommended”

Kayaking on the Noosa River

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is great and works well with the dog. Best option is to have her sit at the front.”

Kayaking at Geographe Bay

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is a great product. Robust, stable, reasonable pace, easy to steer, tracks well and your furry friend can go with you. Love it!”

Kayaking at Lake Buffalo

“I am absolutely thrilled with my  AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak and the outstanding advice and support I received from Emily when making the decision about which model kayak would suit me and my needs best. I love using the kayak and the best thing is that I can take it anywhere.”

AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak

“Straight up, this AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak was brilliant. We have never kayaked and wanted to try the experience and it was so much fun and a good exercise. To be able to take the dog with us was tremendous, she had a ball, no issues at all.”

Dog Lovers Package

“Easy and fast to set up. After initially wanting to swim for shore, the dogs settled and had a great first paddle. Loved that the package included everything needed and more. Our picture was taken at Walker’s Point in the Burrum River“ – Brett The Dog Lovers Kayak Package was ideal for Brett, but it might not […]

Kayaking with a Dog on the Brisbane River

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7 Tips For Kayaking With Your Dog

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