Choosing a Kayak v2

Choosing a Kayak

Choosing a Kayak

So you’ve decided to get a kayak? That’s awesome!!!

But maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different designs and features?

Choosing a kayak is tricky, but don’t worry, there’s help available.

I get it. There are so many different types of kayaks to choose from, and the more research you do, the more confusing it gets!

So how do you know what to look for when choosing a kayak? Well, it all depends on your situation. For each of the categories below, I’ve put together a kayaking buying guide to help you understand what features to look for.

Kayaking for Beginners

Kayaking for Beginners

So you’re thinking about getting into kayaking? Awesome!

Click here for help with choosing a kayak for beginners.

Family Kayaking

Family Kayaking AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak AE1007-R Advanced Elements

Get the kids off their ipads and into the outdoors! Whether you have littlies who need to be in the kayak with you, or independent children who want their own kayak, family kayaking is great fun. Find out how to choose a kayak that keeps the whole family safe and comfortable.

Click here for my guide on choosing a kayak for families

Lightweight Kayaks for Women

Lightweight Kayaks for Women

For years, I wanted to go kayaking, but I couldn’t find a kayak that was light enough for me to handle by myself, but also wonderful to paddle on the water. Now days, there are some wonderful lightweight kayaks for women on the market – the world is your oyster! Find out how to choose a lightweight kayak that is also comfortable, a delight to paddle and packs up into a bag.

Click here for help with choosing a kayak for women

The Value of Versatility

The Flying Solo Kayak Package does it all! You can go in open ocean, flat water, mild rivers. You can go for any length of trip from a casual paddle to a multi-day adventure.  You can go out in tropical waters or in Antarctic Ocean (even Melbourne in winter…).

Click here to check out the Flying Solo Kayak Package now!

Travelling Tandem

Inflatable vs Hard Shell Kayaks

I get a lot of calls from travelling couples who want a tandem kayak that is quick to set up, easy to paddle, comfortable to sit in and goes like the wind! If this sounds like you…

Click here to check out the Cruising in Comfort Kayak Package

Fast Kayak Design

Fast Kayak Design

If you want to get some high intensity exercise, or you really want to cover some distance when you are paddling, you need a fast kayak. Find out how to choose a fast kayak that is designed for speed.

Click here for my guide on choosing a kayak for speed on the water


Drop-Stitch Kayak Package KS6091 Advanced Elements

I get so many people who want the Drop-Stitch (DS) package, because it is so well reviewed online. The DS Floor gives you awesome speed and tracking, AND it is so easy to install and inflate.

Click here to check out the Drop-Stitch Kayak Package now!

Kayaks and Boating

Choosing a Kayak for Your Boat

I get heaps of calls from boat owners who are looking for a kayak as a tender (or just for fun). Usually, deck space comes at a premium, so they need something compact as well. Find out how to choose a kayak for your boat.

Click here for my guide on choosing a kayak that will be an ideal tender for your boat

Kayaking for Seniors

Kayaking for Seniors

Sunshine, light exercise, making friends – kayaking is a wonderful activity to enjoy in your retirement. Find out how to choose a kayak that is comfortable, supportive and lightweight.

Click here for help with choose a kayak for a senior paddler

Dog Friendly Kayaks

Dog Friendly Kayaks

Want to take your fur babies paddling with you? Find out how to choose a kayak that is spacious, stable and durable enough to handle your dog.

Click here for help with choosing a dog friendly kayak

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking Open Ocean

If you like frolicking with whales or you just like the adventure of the great open ocean, you need a sea kayak. Find out how to choose a sea kayak that is fast, comfortable and can handle a bit of chop.

Click here for our guide on choosing a kayak for open ocean

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing

There is nothing better than sitting back, relaxing, waiting for a tug on your line. Except maybe doing it on the water in the peace and quiet of a kayak! Find out how to choose a fishing kayak that is durable, stable, comfortable and also great to paddle.

Click here for help with choosing a fishing kayak

Or… you can just let me make a recommendation?

Best kayak for beginners Jeff
The kayak has to be my best buy of the decade, and thanks for your part in all of this, especially with your help and advice in helping me to choose the Advanced Frame.


Choosing a kayak is easier if you know what you want to do with it. Here are some of our most popular categories to help narrow things down: