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Check out our latest inflatable kayak reviews on our best-selling kayaks.
These are all 100% real reviews that we have collected over the last decade of selling the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks.

Kayaking on Port Phillip Bay

“I finally got the chance to take my AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak out yesterday on Port Phillip Bay. As mentioned by many other reviewers, great customer service and attention to my concerns and to making sure I made the right choice for my needs.”

Kayaking at Queens Beach North, Scarborough

“It is incredibly stable & I do feel very safe in it which was one thing I did have some reservations with originally. Not any more though!!”

Kayaking at Clontarf Beach

“Emily was a great help when choosing a kayak. The individualised video she created for me really assisted in the selection process.”

Quick To Inflate and Great Fun

“Overall experience – terrific! Easy to inflate and took <10 minutes on our second attempt, a bit longer on the first as we were reading the instruction manual."

Kayaking at Bonnet Bay

“Never paddled such a comfortable AdvancedFrame Kayak. Really easy and quick set up and pull down. Great to be back out on the water again. One super happy customer!!!”

Kayaking at Sylvan Beach

“Super prompt delivery, great information, everything in stock – exactly how online businesses should be!”

Kayaking on Clarence River

“Love how quick the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is to set up. I am truly loving the experience, especially as nobody else is around to disturb the wildlife!”

Kayaking on Nadi Bay, Fiji

“My first paddle and it felt so much more enjoyable than hard plastic kayaks usually available at resorts. I was totally sold.”

Ok, I’m Impressed.

“I don’t think I’ve read a bad review about this kayak (AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak) and after spending a couple hours paddling around in it, I can see why.”

Kayaking Easy

“10 mins to set up, 10 minutes to get back into the car. The AdvancedFrame Kayak is very stable, under normal condition on flat water you get no water inside.”

Kayaking at Coila Lake

“Buying my fabulous AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak has given me freedom and independence. No more stressing about moving, loading, carrying or waiting for someone to help me.”

Kayaking at Katarapko Creek

“Emily’s support in purchasing this AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak was excellent. Informative and helpful on all counts.”

Kayaking at Lake Burley Griffin

“I liked the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak a lot to begin with, and the inflatable foot braces have transformed it. They’re very easy to fit as you inflate the boat, and they’re surprisingly stable in holding their position against foot pressure even when not done up very tightly.”

Kayaking at Stockton Lake

“Wow! Works a treat. The Double Action Hand Pump with Gauge pumps up my kayak so easy, I’m so impressed!”

Kayaking on Dutchmans Beach at Nelson Bay

“If you are considering the purchase of an inflatable kayak (a very convenient way to be able to enjoy waterways without having to carry on roof racks etc), I would definitely recommend talking to Emily at Oz Inflatable Kayaks.”

Kayaking at Balgowan Beach

“I was nervous at first of the sequence of which compartment of the AdvancedFrame Sport to fill first but was able to do it. Valves are good for fast inflation and deflation. All the chambers are removable for easy drying and cleaning.”

Kayaking on the Goulburn River, Eildon

“The AdvancedFrame Kayak is very easy to set-up. Paddles are remarkably straight and no lifting onto the car roof needed. I will be taking it away on our next caravan trip. It’s so easy to use. I am very happy with my kayak and the help I received from Emily.”

Kayaking on the Rocklands Reservoir

“I am very impressed with the performance of the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak.I come from a Sea Kayak and wanted something that would track well and not be blown about by the wind.”

Amazing Customer Service

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak, from the Family Fun Kayak Package we ordered, is amazing and the customer service is exceptional. Emily answered all our questions and made the process enjoyable. Would highly recommend this company!”

Kayaking at Cattai Creek

“I purchased the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak as I missed kayaking with my daughter when she took her hard plastic sit-ins north to live. It’s the most comfortable kayak I’ve ever sat in and easy to paddle. I use it mainly in Cattai Creek and into the Hawkesbury River.”

Kayaking at Lakeside Camping Ground

“I purchased the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak as a joint Christmas present for my partner and I. It’s been easy to set up and the pumping isn’t too bad given its size. Both my partner (6’1″), and I find it comfortable and spacious in solo or tandem mode.”

QuickDraw Deck Bag

“We purchased our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaks 6 weeks ago and have been out in them 5 times. Both kayaks fit in the back of our car, are easy to lift & carry (even easier when inflated) & are not a problem to store. I have no hesitation in recommending these kayaks to anyone who is looking for a lighter kayak, in our opinion it performs like the best of the hard shell kayaks we have used.”

We Love Our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaks

“We purchased our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaks 6 weeks ago and have been out in them 5 times. Both kayaks fit in the back of our car, are easy to lift & carry (even easier when inflated) & are not a problem to store.”

Kayaking on the Noosa River

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is great and works well with the dog. Best option is to have her sit at the front.”

Kayaking on the Waiwera River

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak was on sale here in NZ just before Christmas so we got that for myself and husband (not a regular paddler). We went on our first outing yesterday and had a great time.”

Kayaking at Geographe Bay

“The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is a great product. Robust, stable, reasonable pace, easy to steer, tracks well and your furry friend can go with you. Love it!”

Kayaking at Sydney Harbour

“Dear Emily, love the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak! It is awesome. Thanks for your tips on estimating pressure within the kayak chambers – I probably under filled the main chamber a bit, but the drop stitch floor was spot on.”

Kayaking at Lake Buffalo

“I am absolutely thrilled with my  AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak and the outstanding advice and support I received from Emily when making the decision about which model kayak would suit me and my needs best. I love using the kayak and the best thing is that I can take it anywhere.”

Our Advanced Elements Experience

“We’ve had rigid kayaks before and they were good. I can’t bag them because they did the job but the whole chucking them on the roof, taking them off the roof was starting to get painful.I spoke to a friend who recommended I look at an inflatable kayak and at first I was sceptical so I researched, researched and researched some more.”

Kayaking at Hinze Dam

“I purchased my Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak a few months ago and have been absolutely loving it! I can highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants a high performing kayak but doesn’t have the option to store and transport a traditional kayak.”

Great Knowledge And Well-Supported Purchase Process

“Hi Emily! Just to say that we got out in the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak now and enjoying it a lot. I had a trip back to the UK that delayed things. Really quick and easy to get ready and fast on the water. I haven’t fitted the rudder yet but will try soon. We have entered the bridge to beach paddle in Feb so a challenge lies ahead.   Photos of the canoe were taken on the beach at the Q station, our first expedition. Thanks again for your help and efficiency!”

So Easy To Carry The Boat To The Water

“Initial reaction: So easy to carry the boat to the water. The boat has excellent primary stability. Very secure feeling sitting in it. The main chambers really provide the boat with a solid feel. Paddling the boat tracked straight. No skeg or rudder.”

Kayaking at Tweed Heads, NSW

“I know I left it a bit late in life to get into kayaking. Better late than never. For the first half of this year I spent most of my time at Tweed Heads helping out my sister in law, who was diagnosed with cancer. She lived across the road from the Tweed River, so it was ideal for me to go out and buy an inexpensive inflatable kayak…

AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak

“Straight up, this AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak was brilliant. We have never kayaked and wanted to try the experience and it was so much fun and a good exercise. To be able to take the dog with us was tremendous, she had a ball, no issues at all.”

Kayaking at Ewen Maddock Dam

“I appreciated being able to have my final questions/concerns answered before purchasing my kayak. Emily knows her product well, is friendly and easily accessible by phone. Payment and delivery were fast. Great service!”

Kayaking at Hindmarsh Island

“We put our AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak in at Hindmarsh Island. I haven’t done mine yet (tentative about back) but I did have a little go in Tony’s & it was fab. So comfy! It’s like sitting on a great soft lounge chair. It’s supportive of my back, very easy to paddle and getting along easily in water. Very impressed, & happy!”

Kayaking at Sportsmans Creek Near Lawrence, NSW

“We love our new kayak, the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak. We can’t believe how comfortable and stable the kayak is. We have previously owned sea kayaks, but our new inflatable kayak with the hard floor is brilliant with the added bonus of being so portable. We will be kayaking a lot more now. Big thanks […]

Kayaking at Lake Conjola

“Recently used the Kayak Cart with my AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak.

Even though the kayak is easy to carry, the cart made it all much easier (especially when a hill was involved).

It is very handy if you have a bit further to walk to get to the waters edge.

Light weight and compact.

Found it quick and easy to attach and detach from the kayak.

Stowed easily on the back deck of the kayak whilst paddling.

The pictures were taken at Lake Conjola, South Coast, NSW.”

Advancedframe Convertible Elite Inflatable Kayak – Easy to Manage

“I bought the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak earlier this year while recovering from broken ribs thinking it would be weeks before I could use it. As it turned out, I soon realised it was easy to load and unload from my Subaru Forester and I could manage it even with sore ribs so, as we […]

Outstanding Customer Service And Product

“The website is great and Emily’s customer service is outstanding. I think Emily is a better salesperson online with her advice and willingness to answer all of my questions – more than I’ve experienced in a shop in a long time.  Emily uses online capabilities to bring a very customer centred focus that is specific […]

Bought 2 – Expedition & Standard Advanced Frame

“We purchased 2 Kayaks from Emily, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak, and the AdvancedFrame Kayak. I am 6ft5 so I needed the extra legroom offered by the Expedition Elite, however my partner fits perfectly into the standard Advanced Frame model. I am very glad I went for the Expedition Elite, I can fit into the […]

AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak

“As a complete beginner I had absolutely no idea of where to start when I filled in the online questionnaire. Today at lunchtime my AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak arrived and by the afternoon I was out on the water. I can’t believe it and I am so thrilled. I love the kayak and am so excited […]

Dog Lovers Package

“Easy and fast to set up. After initially wanting to swim for shore, the dogs settled and had a great first paddle. Loved that the package included everything needed and more. Our picture was taken at Walker’s Point in the Burrum River“ – Brett The Dog Lovers Kayak Package was ideal for Brett, but it might not […]

Great Fun With The AdvancedFrame Kayaks!

“I recently bought two of the AdvancedFrame Kayaks and my wife and I have been out on them almost every weekend! These kayaks exceeded my expectations and we have had a terrific time in both enclosed waters and in the ocean. They have taken us to waterways in Sydney that I would never have thought […]

Kayaking at Millstream-Chichester National Park, WA

“The kayak, AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak,  you recommended was easily carried the 200m to the water. It was windy but the kayak tracked perfectly and we were both impressed by the kayaks performance and stability. The service from you was very speedy. “

Back On The Water… In The Convertible Elite

“Having previously canoed in a fibreglass ‘Canadian’ style canoe that just got too heavy to lug around when travelling, it was a pleasure to be able to get back on the water in our new AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Inflatable Kayak. No more heavy lifting! We had no problems with getting on the water… probably took us […]

Advanced Elements Elite Double x 2

“Recently purchased two AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Inflatable Kayaks from Emily. This was after months of research considering how to balance convenience, performance and stability. We live in Sydney northern beaches and have access to a range of waterways from rivers and lakes to the ocean. I have experience in paddling, less so my wife and we have […]

Review of the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak on our Alaskan Adventure

In this detailed customer review of the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak, find out how the kayaks performed on a multi-day kayak expedition through the Brookes Range in Alaska.


“The RapidUp Kayak Sail works very well, does not overwhelm the kayak and is easy to control. The prevailing winds plus your Sail will blow me back from The Inlet. The picture was taken at the Murray River North Yunderup WA” – Brian The RapidUp Kayak Sail was ideal for Brian, but it might not be the […]

The Best Just got Better

“I have long argued in my books and blog that the Advanced Elements double kayak is the near-perfect yacht tender and a fantastic alternative to the traditional dinghy/outboard combo. Easy to rig up, easy to drag on to the side deck at night, huge carrying capacity (we had two avocado trees in it once) and […]

Kayaking fun without needing to buy a new car

“I’ve wanted a kayak for years but could never justify a new car or the hassle of roof racks that I would need to transport a regular hard shell kayak. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover this earlier. I’ve been super happy with with my advanced elements convertible and it’s certainly a massive improvement […]

First time I Used It – Couldn’t Be Easier!

“We took the Kayak on a road trip and found a lovely lake to try it out for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quickly I inflated it and we were on the water within minutes of unpacking it. The kayak is made of a high quality and durable material […]

Love Our New Kayaks

“Bought ourselves two Advanced Frame Sport Inflatable Kayaks for Xmas and are so pleased we did. We live on Bribie Island and the kayaks are perfect for exploring Pumicestone Passage – and pulling in for a coffee stop along the way (see photo). The kayaks track really well and at 11.5 kgs are light enough for […]

Fantastic Service

“Great assistance to choose the appropriate kayaks for our needs and after sales support with any questions happily and promptly responded to.” – Ian   The Beginners Choice Kayak Package was ideal for Ian, but it might not be the right fit for you.

Great Kayaks

“Bought two Land Ahoy packages for Xmas and we have not been let down. The Kayaks are a breeze to set up, 5 mins max from taking out of the car to fully inflated and ready to go. They track well in the water and are really enjoyable and easy to use. What has been […]

Looking forward to my next outing

“Pumped up and ready to launch on the Murray River in SA in about 30 minutes. Went out in the backwaters and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation and ease of movement through the water. Drop stitch floor was easy to install and the Kayak cart made it a breeze to get from campsite to waters edge. […]

Excellent Advice and Excellent Product

“Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent advice and excellent product. Just got back from a trial run with our new kayaks and we love them!! They are so comfy and easy to set up and pack up. Very glad we made the investment.“ – Ben and Steph   The Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable […]

A Realistic Alternative

“Having now a few months and several outings with the AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak, once you’re out on the water, I don’t believe that there’s a lot of difference in speed or tracking ability between the AF models and more conventional plastic sit-in recreational kayaks, particularly once you install the backbone, which I highly recommend. Performance […]

Everything that you said about the Advancedframe Sport Inflatable Kayak is true

“Emily, Everything that you said about the Advancedframe Sport Inflatable Kayak is true. As a 65 year old grandma I can fit the deflated kayak into the back of my X-trail quickly, get to my location and easily carry it 20 metres to the shoreline. Minutes later I am away and paddling on Brisbane Waters, […]

Service and kayak first class

“Experience with Emily was great from start to finish. Had a little bump with delivery company but all was resolved promptly and well communicated. The kayak has been fantastic and I’ve used it about 10 times already since getting it. So far I’ve done ennogerra reservoir, twin waters, lake currimundi, belongil creek and its been […]

Cruising In Comfort Package Opened Up A Whole New World For Us

“This package is excellent! You know when you’re camped on a river and you think, “I wonder what’s around that bend?” Well, now we can find out for ourselves. So easy to inflate, and to pack away. It tracks straight and cuts through the water beautifully. We love it!” – ANDREW AND PETA The Cruising […]

Brilliant service, excellent Flying Solo bundle

“Thanks to the Flying Solo bundle coming with the super-efficient dual-action pump, I had the AdvancedFrame inflated for the very first time in under 5 minutes and was out on the water immediately – it’s that easy to set up. I was paddling on a tidal river and coastal waters and found the experience to […]

Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak

“I used this kayak on the Noosa River several times during my recent stay at Noosa River Caravan Park. I used it for general kayaking upstream and downstream and also for fishing. The kayak was very stable and reasonably easy to paddle with current and against current. It retained its line well with two paddlers, […]

Satisfied customer

“Emily returned my enquiry promptly and really knew her stuff. Helping me with the product that suited my needs.” – Leanne The Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak was ideal for Leanne, but it might not be the right fit for you.

Great package for my RV

“I have an RV and was looking for a means of taking a kayak. Not able to fit on roof or back of RV due to other fixtures and this package fits perfectly inside RV. Very happy” – Aidan The Gone Fishing Kayak Page was ideal for Aidan, but it might not be the right fit for […]

Advancedframe inflatable kayak

I researched long and hard before buying this kayak – and all the positive reviews and comments have been well and truly proven by my experience. Easy and surprisingly quick to set up, wonderfully comfortable and stable on the water, and even quicker to pack away after the paddle – this is truly an excellent […]

AirFusion Elite Inflatable Kayak

I had a couple of problems with my kayak initially, but thanks to Emily these have been resolved and I can go out and enjoy my Airfusion Elite Kayak – it is wonderful! It is taking me less time to inflate the kayak and get it on the water every time I go for a […]

AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak Review

One of the great things about selling the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks is getting awesome feedback from my customers. Check out this AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak Review from Stuart: Hi Emily, Just a quick email to say thank you for your professional recommendations to assist me in choosing the best inflatable kayak for my […]

AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak in South America

“Hi Emily, Earlier this year I bought an AdvancedFrame Convertible kayak from you. As planed we are now in South America in a 4×4 camper (Earth Cruiser) built in Queensland. Our kayak has been out of its locker a few times now. I am sending some photos of two places we have used the Kayak. […]

I am very impressed with the overall quality of the Speed Demon package

“Hi Emily. I have found my speed demon package very good. The kayak tracks beautifully. I am very pleased with it. It is a comfortable seat to sit and paddle. I chose an inflatable package as I am travelling in a motorhome and it suited those needs. It is compact to store  under the bed compartment. I […]

Thank You!

Hi Emily, well I am now a fit person!  We did 4 hours of sightseeing paddling over giant stingrays, loads of fish and a dolphin shot past us recently on the Wagonga Inlet at Narooma.  Then we paddled to lunch at the gorgeous Quarterdeck restaurant where the owner remarked that we were ‘living the dream’ […]

Very comfortable and quick to get in the water

After our second trip out John again said how comfortable it was. He has back trouble and our previous kayaks were not comfortable for him. We are both pleased with the time it takes to get into the water – overall much less time and less bother than putting the 2 plastic kayaks on the […]

At 6’1″ tall I need some leg room, and the Expedition has it

I have had my Expedition for almost a year now and use it on average about once a week. It mostly gets used for flat-water river paddling, but I have taken it down some very minor rapids and taken it on the ocean in 2m swell a few times. I do not have much experience […]

Bellingen River

Hi Emily, I’m back at home in freezing Bright, Vic and wishing I was back in the cosy north! Attached is a shot from the Bellingen River on the way south. My photography is pretty ordinary – possibly because I’m taking shots thru a waterproof phone bag, but I’ll persevere & one day might get […]

Hope you are enjoying the AdvancedFrame Convertible?

Thanks Emily, Sent you some pics of the kayak loaded up for our overnight camp. I was concerned that it would be unstable but it was steady as a rock even without anyone in it… go figure. Cheers! – Greg The Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak was ideal for Greg, but it might not be the right […]

How is the AdvancedFrame convertible kayak?

Hi Emily, We are enjoying it so far. Here’s a couple of snaps over at DUNSBOROUGH the other day. Thanks.  – Lorraine The Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak was ideal for Lorraine, but it might not be the right fit for you.  

Greg, I’d love your opinion on the AdvancedFrame Convertible

Hello Emily, We enjoyed fun times with the kayak over the last week in both the Stanley River below Somerset Dam and Lake Wivenhoe in the vicinity of the Lumley Hill campsite. We’re very pleased with the kayak and our purchase. I’ve attached a photo of Ailsa fully enjoying her first solo. – Greg The […]

Have you had a chance to take the Expeditions out on the water yet?

Hi Emily! Been meaning to drop you a line, been busy here. Yes indeed. Been out a number of times now and loving it! Don’t have many photos on this computer but I’ve attached a couple. Hoping to plan a trip to NZ or Tassie in the New Year when we have a bit more […]

Ahoy me Matey!

“Hello Emily, Finally managed to find some pictures for you of my partner and my kayaks on some of our adventures. We circumnavigated the Indonesian island of Gam (just west of Papua) in January, which was extraordinary. Gliding over fantastic unspoilt corals just under the surface, using the tides to whisk us up channels to […]

Give me some feedback on the Convertible when you have had a go

“Hi Emily, So 2 voyages so far. The first trip to test out nearby in a local harbour. All went well and even though the wind was blowing hard we were still easily able to push through it in a straight line and then manoeuvre where we needed to. The second voyage was straight into […]

AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Review

Hi Emily, Have taken my kayak out 3 times in the last 2 weekends now… it’s quite addictive… I could stay out ALL day if the weather permitted. It has been quite overcast and a little windy this weekend and today we got a little rained on at the nearby lake but it was still […]

Feedback on Kayak Tours Norfolk Island

Hi Emily, Just thought we might give you an update on how we are going with the kayaks! We have been running ‘Coastal Kayaking’ on Norfolk Island since November, and we just love the kayaks. They are really safe and stable, and easy to use. Not to mention fun. Please check out our face book […]

Launch Day

“Hello Emily, The Kayak did not disappoint. Initially I was impressed with the stability of the craft. I settled into it immediately, and in no time was stroking confidently and making great pace going up river against the current. I was also very pleased with the kayaks tracking ability, and yes the comfortable seating position […]

I feel like I am glowing

“Hi Emily, I have been kayaking every day in this brilliant kayak. My arms are sore but I feel like I am glowing. I can’t believe how peaceful and restful it feels just sitting on the lake watching the fog lift off the water, the birds mucking about and the fish frolicking. The kayak is […]

Advanced Frame Kayak at Bobbin Heads

It was fantastic experience for using the Advanced Element kayak. After a few padding trips in the Bobbin Heads I know how to handle the kayak. Every time I dropped my kayak into Cowan Creek in Bobbin Head, a lot of people ask me about the inflatable kayak, How good it is? Where to buy […]

What’s the Secret?

How did we get so many great inflatable kayak reviews?

Easy – by ensuring our customers get the right kayak.

If you want to know how to choose a kayak, start with our comprehensive list of kayak buying guides.

Click HERE to get access to our kayak buying guides

Unfortunately, inflatable kayak reviews can be misleading…

It’s not that people are dishonest – far from it.  Our customers genuinely LOVE their inflatable kayaks!

The problem with reviews is that they can lead you to thinking you need something you don’t.

For example, maybe you are a beginner and you’re looking at a bunch of online reviews for the AirFusion EVO. This is our fastest kayak, but it is not our stablest. Experienced kayakers don’t really care about stability, they are interested in speed. So the kayak will have heaps of excellent reviews because it is super-fast.


If you purchased the AirFusion EVO because of all those great reviews from experienced kayakers, you would be making a mistake. As a beginner, you need to start with something more stable, such as the AdvancedFrame.

So what good are inflatable kayak reviews???

First, you need to get some advice on which kayaks are right for you. THEN, you can look at the reviews to help make a decision.

Getting advice is not a big deal – we do it all the time. Here are the factors we consider when helping you choose a kayak:

  • Your size – both length and weight
  • Your strength and physical limitations
  • The kind of water you will be paddling in – eg open ocean vs whitewater
  • How long your paddling trips will be
  • Your paddling experience
  • Anything else you want to tell me!
Click HERE to get advice on which kayak is right for you