Kayaking is a wonderful way to relax, exercise, experience nature, go on an adventure, see a place from a different perspective and have fun.

It’s such a shame that kayaks are big, hard and heavy… well, not anymore!

Inflatable kayaks give you the opportunity to go paddling in comfort, anytime, anywhere.

♥ Inflatable kayaks are lightweight and compact
♥ No need to buy and install roof racks – this is quite a big saving
♥ No need to haul a cumbersome, heavy hard-shell kayak on and off the roof racks and down to the water – this is out of the question for a lot of people (including myself) – being able to store a kayak in a bag in the car and pick it up easily might make the difference between being able to enjoy paddling or not
♥ You can store the kayak in your car, boat, caravan etc which means more spontaneous paddling – if you see a beautiful spot you can be out on the water in under 5 minutes – be spontaneous!
♥ Pack your inflatable kayak into your suitcase to get a whole different perspective on your travelling destination
♥ Backpack your inflatable kayak into a truly remote lake or river for a totally unique experience with nature
♥ If you live in an apartment, you don’t have to find space for a very large kayak, just a bag!

Our inflatable kayaks are also comfortable, durable and amazing to paddle.

Durability is a given with the Advanced Elements range – you will be able to take your dog paddling, take your kayak over rocks and do some fishing without having to worry about a puncture. All Advanced Elements products are backed with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

So whether you want to paddle on rivers, lakes, bays, open ocean or all types of waterways, we have an Inflatable Kayak For You.