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Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Check out our latest inflatable kayak reviews on our best-selling kayaks.
These are all 100% real reviews that we have collected over the last decade of selling the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks.

Cruising In Comfort Package Opened Up A Whole New World For Us

Inflatable Kayak Review Andrew

This package is excellent! You know when you’re camped on a river and you think, “I wonder what’s around that bend?” Well, now we can find out for ourselves.

So easy to inflate, and to pack away.

It tracks straight and cuts through the water beautifully.

We love it!

Andrew and Peta

Brilliant service, excellent Flying Solo bundle

Thanks to the Flying Solo bundle coming with the super-efficient dual-action pump, I had the AdvancedFrame inflated for the very first time in under 5 minutes and was out on the water immediately – it’s that easy to set up.

I was paddling on a tidal river and coastal waters and found the experience to be perfect for a beginner – and I was glad of the roll-top bags in the spray!

Emily’s service is also top-notch; she is super responsive and although out of stock of the DS floor, she was happy to part-ship the bundle and send the floor when back in stock. She also sorted out a courier mix up immediately to make sure the AdvancedFrame arrived in time for my weekend camping trip.

Looking forward to using the DS floor when it arrives, when I’ll try out the spray skirt for the first time too.

Couldn’t be happier.


Satisfied customer

Kayaking at Ellendale Pool Near Geraldton WA

Emily returned my enquiry promptly and really knew her stuff.

Helping me with the product that suited my needs.


Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable Kayak Reviews AdvancedFrame Convertible Will

I used this kayak on the Noosa River several times during my recent stay at Noosa River Caravan Park. I used it for general kayaking upstream and downstream and also for fishing.

The kayak was very stable and reasonably easy to paddle with current and against current. It retained its line well with two paddlers, although sometimes against the current it was inclined to pull to the right and more difficult to retain its line. I found it a little difficult to get the legs in and out under the front bow cover.

Portability was good as I was able to store the kayak in my caravan and found it relatively easy to inflate and deflate and pack away. It took time to dry it out between the outer cover and the inner bellows left and right on return from trip, so it can be stored dry for a couple of months.

Will and Glenda

Kayaking fun without needing to buy a new car

Inflatable Kayak Reviews Matt
Inflatable Kayak Reviews Matt

I’ve wanted a kayak for years but could never justify a new car or the hassle of roof racks that I would need to transport a regular hard shell kayak.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover this earlier.

I’ve been super happy with with my advanced elements convertible and it’s certainly a massive improvement over the plastic rentals I’ve used in the past.

It can be set up in about 15 minutes, a little bit of care is required to ensure all the parts are aligned as you inflate but it’s quite easy.

In the three months that we’ve undertaken remote day trips on lakes in the high country, paddled on alpine streams and taken it out into Port Philip bay.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how it handles, it’s faster and tracks better than plastic rentals.

Also it’s tough – we’ve hit submerged trees on a lake with minor cosmetic marks to the hull the only impact.

It also requires very little water to float which makes it great in alpine streams or at the beach.

It’s become my go to recreation this summer, so much so that my bike is starting to feel a bit neglected.

I thoroughly recommend.


Great Kayaks

Inflatable Kayak Reviews Geoff
Inflatable Kayak Reviews Geoff

Bought two Land Ahoy packages for Xmas and we have not been let down.

The Kayaks are a breeze to set up, 5 mins max from taking out of the car to fully inflated and ready to go.

They track well in the water and are really enjoyable and easy to use.

What has been surprising is the ease of the deflation process and subsequent packing away.

It took us sometime to make up our minds to purchase these Kayaks but at the end of the day we should have purchased much sooner.

Ps: The advice prior to purchase and delivery time was excellent.

Geoff U.

What’s the Secret?

How did we get so many great inflatable kayak reviews?

Easy – by ensuring our customers get the right kayak.

If you want to know how to choose a kayak, start with our comprehensive list of kayak buying guides.

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Unfortunately, inflatable kayak reviews can be misleading…

It’s not that people are dishonest – far from it.  Our customers genuinely LOVE their inflatable kayaks!

The problem with reviews is that they can lead you to thinking you need something you don’t.

For example, maybe you are a beginner and you’re looking at a bunch of online reviews for the AirFusion EVO. This is our fastest kayak, but it is not our stablest. Experienced kayakers don’t really care about stability, they are interested in speed. So the kayak will have heaps of excellent reviews because it is super-fast.


If you purchased the AirFusion EVO because of all those great reviews from experienced kayakers, you would be making a mistake. As a beginner, you need to start with something more stable, such as the AdvancedFrame.

So what good are inflatable kayak reviews???

First, you need to get some advice on which kayaks are right for you. THEN, you can look at the reviews to help make a decision.

Getting advice is not a big deal – we do it all the time. Here are the factors we consider when helping you choose a kayak:

  • Your size – both length and weight
  • Your strength and physical limitations
  • The kind of water you will be paddling in – eg open ocean vs whitewater
  • How long your paddling trips will be
  • Your paddling experience
  • Anything else you want to tell me!
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