Kayaking at Nauru

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak AE1009-XE from Advanced Elements

“To say I LOVE it would be an understatement. 

It is simply awesome, I can not believe how stable it is and how well it tracks through the water and is really reactive.

I was very nervous to order an inflatable, having had them in the past with disastrous outcomes, and having a mirage at home it was always ( well I thought) it would be a big change.

Being able to have the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak here in Nauru has made a world of difference, the Mirage was simply too long to get sent over – but I am not sorry it didnt come. 

I just love it – thanks so much for recommending. “

– Ashley

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak AE1009-XE from Advanced Elements

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak AE1009-XE from Advanced Elements

Kayaking at Nauru

If you want to go kayaking at Nauru, here’s where Nauru is:

Kayaking at Nauru Island

Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. It features a coral reef and white-sand beaches fringed with palms, including Anibare Bay on the east coast.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak is perfect for Ashley because:

  • It’s fast and glides smoothly through the water
  • It has a huge capacity of 204kg so she was able to load up the kayak with gear and even more
  • The inflatable lumbar seat is very comfortable and supportive for her back
  • It’s very durable – she didn’t have to worry about submerged obstacles
  • It packs into a bag so it’s easy to store and transport

BUT, it might not be the right kayak for you.

It’s a lot of money down the drain if you get the wrong model, so it’s worth asking for my advice!

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About Oz Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayak Seaworld Lagoon Emily

Hi, my name is Emily and over a decade ago I thought to myself “gee, I would really love to go kayaking … if only I had a big strong butler to help me get a kayak on and off roof racks. Oh, and several thousand dollars for the kayak and the roof racks (not to mention the cost of the butler)”.

To find a way to go paddling without a heavy hard-shell kayak, I started looking into inflatable kayaks. But I did NOT want a pool toy.

The Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks really blew me away (excuse the terrible pun).

I realised that the quality was not just about durability, it also meant that the kayaks were comfortable and easy to paddle straight and fast.

It just so happens that I was also looking for a business opportunity at the same time…

Nowadays I specialise (and delight) in selling Advanced Elements inflatables to all kinds of people in Australia.

I know the range so well that I do personalised recommendation videos to help people choose the right kayak.

It’s a no-obligation service that I enjoy doing AND it helps me in the long run because my customers that get a recommendation get the right kayak, first time. They are HAPPY customers!

So if you are even vaguely thinking about kayaking, get in touch or get your FREE personalised kayak recommendation now.

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