Great Fun With The AdvancedFrame Kayaks!

AdvancedFrame Kayak - Great Fun With The Advanced Frame Kayaks!

I recently bought two of the AdvancedFrame Kayaks and my wife and I have been out on them almost every weekend!

These kayaks exceeded my expectations and we have had a terrific time in both enclosed waters and in the ocean.

They have taken us to waterways in Sydney that I would never have thought to visit.

The kayaks themselves are easy to setup and takes me about 20 minutes to get both of them into the water.

The service and support from Emily has been excellent and I would definitely buy from Oz Inflatable Kayaks again.

The photo above was taken on the Hawksbury River.

We are really enjoying these kayaks!”

– David

The AdvancedFrame Kayak was ideal for David, but it might not be the right fit for you.

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