Advanced Frame Kayak Models

Advanced Frame Kayak Models

Can I fit a spray skirt on the AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks?

Yes, the coaming around the seating area can be used to attach a spray skirt for all AdvancedFrame models except the Advanced Frame Sport, however it is not a rigid coaming so it would not be sufficient for Eskimo rolls. It will keep excess water out of the boat and keep the warmth in on cold day.

Can I use a UV fabric protector?

If you would like to use a spray protector, we would recommend UV TECH from McNett. This is the best on the market, and their tests show that it extends the life of fabrics that are used in sunlight for extended periods.

Do I need to make a plywood floor for my kayak?

NO, absolutely not. The only reason that a stiffener would be needed would be if the kayak was not inflated properly. If you do want some extra stiffness, Advanced Elements has available backbones for each Advanced Frame model as well as drop-stitch floors.

How does the bow and stern improve the performance of these kayaks?

The bow is narrow and sharp as well as raised (Greenlander style). This reduces the resistance through the water and keeps the waves from breaking on the deck. The stern closes the water behind the boat and acts like a skeg to keep the kayak traveling straight.

How long does it take to set up and inflate?

On average it takes about 3-10 minutes, depending on whether you use a foot pump (slower but easier) or a double action hand pump, and depending on the model. when inflating with a foot pump. It will obviously take longer than that the first time you setup as you will want to get familiar with the components and assembly described in the owners’ manual.

How much do the Advancedframe kayaks weigh?

Advanced Frame kayak is 16kg
Advanced Frame Sport kayak is 12kg
Advanced Frame Expedition kayak is 19kg
Advanced Frame Convertible kayak is 25kg

How should I clean the kayak?

Use a hose to rinse it with freshwater, mop up the excess water with a towel and let it air dry before packing away for extended periods.

How should I store my inflatable?

When storing for an extended period of time, store your inflatable kayak deflated in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight.

How well do the AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks track in a straight line?

The Advanced Frame kayaks are designed to move through the water like rigid and folding boats, instead of on top of the water like most inflatable kayaks. They have and aluminium rib in the bow that cuts through the water and an aluminium rib in the stern, that acts like a skeg. This greatly enhances the tracking, especially on powerful strokes.

Is there a way to increase the foot room?

Yes, if you need more space for your feet, simply let the air out of the floor chamber, then fold the rear of the floor over on itself (by 15 or 20cm) and slide the floor toward the rear of the boat. Then re-inflate the floor. This adds about 10cm of toe room. Also remove any footwear you may have on and make sure seat is adjusted so it is all the way back towards the rear of the cockpit.

s there storage room inside the kayak for additional gear?

Yes – there is room behind the seat to bring extra gear along on your adventure. There is also deck space to tie down any other gear (spare paddle, etc.).

What are the deflated and packed dimensions of the AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks?

AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak (AE1012) and AdvancedFrame Sport inflatable kayak (AE1017): 76cm x 43cm x 25cm
AdvancedFrame Expedition inflatable kayak (AE1009): 81cm x 51cm x 25cm
AdvancedFrame Convertible inflatable kayak (AE1007): 91cm x 53cm x 28cm

What is the DS series?

DS stands for Drop Stitch and refers to a drop stitch inflatable floor that can be inflatated to a very high pressure. The DS floor is sold separately to the Advanced Frame kayaks.

What is the puncture risk?

Very low – we use top quality reinforced PVC, and Hi-density fabrics. In order to puncture the main chamber from the bottom you would need to pierce through three layers of durable material.

What kind of valves do the AdvancedFrame Kayaks have?

The main chambers use the Advanced Elements Spring Valve. This is a high-end military style, plunger valve (Push in and twist 90 degrees to activate the spring-loaded check valve for inflating, or push-in and twist to lock open for deflating). You will notice the stem of the valve move outward, or lock inward. When inflating the stem should be in the outward position (or valve closed position). The pump pressure will bypass the closed valve then when you stop pumping no air will come out. The other chambers are the Twistlok valves. Twist open to inflate then simply hold the pump hose on the end of the orange nozzle and pump. When the chamber is full twist closed.

What other accessories do you recommend?

These are a few other accessories that we would suggest if you don’t already have them.

  1. Bellows style foot pump (to take with you).
  2. A good quality paddling PFD (lifejacket) designed for kayaking.
  3. One or two roll-top dry bags (for stowing gear on deck or behind your seat).
  4. A 4-part break-down paddle (so it will fit in your kayak duffel bag).
What type of paddling conditions are the AdvancedFrame kayaks suitable for?

The Advanced Frame range have been designed designed to be day touring kayaks, for flat or open water, except the Advanced Frame Sport which is not suitable for open ocean.

The Advanced Frame range are for class 1 and 2 rivers, and durable enough for class 3, however they are really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 3.

What type of valves do the Firefly and Lagoon inflatable kayaks use?

The main chambers use the Advanced Elements Spring Valve. This valve has the function and durability of other military type valves and is compatible with most standard pumps. The Advanced Elements Spring Valve has a spring loaded plunger for easy inflation and deflation settings. To change from inflate (doesn’t let air out of the chamber) to deflate (doesn’t let air into the chamber) you simply push in with your finger and twist. The other chambers are the Twistlok valves.