How Stable are your inflatable kayaks?

Stability is a very important consideration when choosing a kayak. A stable kayak is:

  • safer for those who are not very experienced – your chance of falling out of the kayak when you are a long way from shore is greatly reduced if the kayak is stable
  • easier to get back into if you do fall out – a stable kayak will generally stay flat in the water whilst you pull yourself onto it
  • relaxing – you don’t have to be consciously aware of every move you make – you can chat with your paddling partner, look at the scenery or the fish, take photos etc.
  • less strenuous – constant core strength is not required in stable kayaks, in fact several customers have chosen the AdvancedFrame Expedition for long paddling voyages because the stability means they are saving lots of energy, which makes a big difference over long distances
  • great for fishing – cast and reel-in with abandon!

All of the Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks are very stable, except for the AirFusion Elite, which has a narrow rounded hull designed for speeding through choppy water.