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Check your email ...

It might take a few minutes to come through, but a whole heap of detailed FAQs are being delivered to your inbox as you read this.

How to make the most out of this opportunity:

Be totally honest!

If there's something you don't love about your inflatable kayak or SUP, it's okay to tell a potential customer about it.

Be enthusiastic! Channel the spirit of Steve Irwin when you are talking about your kayak.

Be 100% clear and consistent with your boundaries. If you are not comfortable with someone touching your kayak, don't let them. You are in charge!

And the most important tip - get their email. Buying a kayak or SUP is a big decision and for most people, it's not an impulse purchase. Getting their email allows me to give them a personal recommendation and answer their questions, which is MUCH more likely to lead to a sale.

How to Double Your Sales Comission...

To double your comission, you simply need to double your sales. But what you might not know, is that it is WAAAYYY easier to do that by selling double to one customer than by selling to double the customers.

Now, I make sure that people always get the right kayak, even if it isn't the most expensive one, so how are you supposed to double your sales???


We sell a wide range of awesome accessories that customer absolutely LOVE!

Get your hands on some of our accessories now and not only will you love them, your knowledge and enthusiasm of the products will result in more sales commission for you.

About Oz Inflatable Kayaks

Hi! My name's Emily.

I started Oz Inflatable Kayaks over a decade ago because I wanted a lightweight, high quality inflatable kayak, and I wanted to be able to buy it in Australia, from an Australian company.

I discovered the Advanced Elements brand and was absolutely amazed by their kayaks!

Nowadays, I have 9 inflatable kayaks of my own. I love helping customers choose the right kayak, so that they can have a wonderful paddling experience.

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