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AdvancedFrame Sport kayak - restaurant

Hi Emily, well I am now a fit person! 

We did 4 hours of sightseeing paddling over giant stingrays, loads of fish and a dolphin shot past us recently on the Wagonga Inlet at Narooma.  Then we paddled to lunch at the gorgeous Quarterdeck restaurant where the owner remarked that we were ‘living the dream’ arriving is such style (pictured).

We have a little team of Advanced Frame Sport kayaks now in Canberra, my friend Cathy got one last year and we recently met and encouraged Merrily to get two.  I have not yet got a photo of all 5 of us as Cathy has just gone to Italy and I got a very excited email from her as she found a kayak tour to go on.  I continue to love my kayak, three years on. 

These kayaks are so comfortable and easy to handle, we just feel liberated having them.

– Angela

The Advancedframe Sport Inflatable Kayak was ideal for Angela, but it might not be the right fit for you.

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