Advanced Frame Kayak at Bobbin Heads

Inflatable Kayaks Reviews Donald Lo

It was fantastic experience for using the Advanced Element kayak.

After a few padding trips in the Bobbin Heads I know how to handle the kayak.

Every time I dropped my kayak into Cowan Creek in Bobbin Head, a lot of people ask me about the inflatable kayak, How good it is? Where to buy it? Of course I told them to order from Oz inflatable kayak web site and the kayak is a very good one and perform very well in water.

The family having fun with fishing on the shore asked me about the kayak. 

A guy with a hard body kayak stopped me in the middle of the river and asked me a lot of question about the kayak and touched it and asked me to give him a try.

A group of bush walking team from the shore asked me to stopped and asked me about the kayak and took a photo of my kayak.

The kayak is a very good product and I enjoy very much with it every weekend with my wife and my son.

We have 3 inflatable kayaks , the other 2 are the Stearns one.

They are also very good as well, but slower than Advanced Elements.

– Donald L


The Advancedframe Inflatable Kayak was ideal for Donald, but it might not be the right fit for you.

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